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  The majority of visitors want to see Hradec Castle. It was the Lichnovsky lineage who wrote the most significant chapter in its history. The castle houses valuable collections of antique furniture, glass and china, a library and a picture gallery. 

    Hradec, though, does not mean only the castle. Many other places are worth seeing, too – among them the Church of St. Peter and Paul from the 16th century, stations of the Cross called the Silesian Calvary and unique relics of fortifications called Šance from the Silesian Wars, which gave its name also to the latest tourist attraction, the Šance Observation Tower, situated 522 m above the sea level. From its top there is a marvelous view of Opava region and both the Beskydy and Jeseníky mts. You should not miss a 19th century wonder of technology, a 3.5 km long Weisshuhn`s Paper Mill Race leading through three tunnels built in slopes and two aqueducts.


White Tower

The highest structure in the castle´s grounds. A prism-shaped building is located between the White Castle and  the  English park. This noticeable structure is a mere torso of a great project of an intended ceremonial way-in. A granite staircase leads from the ground floor through the inside of the tower; other floors have not been completed. Among the tower and the walls a large lookout terrace towering 12 m above an old road has been located. It offers an impressive view of the Hradečná brook. 10 granite stairs lead from the centre of the terrace into the entrance hall of the tower. The railings and a high gate as well as the lining of the windows and decorative elements of the tower have been carved in sandstone. The history of the White Tower has been connected with the issue of its use – none of the plans has been fulfilled so far. The White Tower has been waiting for its opportunity.

In 2012 the White Tower will be opened thu-sun from 10 am to 5 pm.


Admision 30,- CZK, reduced 20,- CZK. 

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