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Rides of Moravice

Have you walked or ridden your bike through the Moravice river valley? Going down the river in a kayak or canoe will offer you completely different views which may be fascinating for those enjoying them for the first time. Lovers of aquatic sports “open the water” every year and organize sports events including the race from Kružberk dam to Hradec.

The Moravice river rises in Velký kotel (1,464 m high) in the foothills of Vysoká hole in the Hrubý Jeseník mts. It is a mountain river which is 106 km long and has 23 tributaries. It flows into the Opava river 239 m high above sea level. Two dams have been built on the river – a concrete Kružberk dam and a piled Slezská Harta dam. The reservoirs of both of them protect the area from the floods and supply Opava and Ostrava regions with drinking water.
You can find the information about the dates of water sports activities (from April to September) in our calendar of events. More information also on www.svcampanula.cz

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