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In-line skating

The track from Hradec-upon.Moravice via Branka to Kylešovice sluice is flat with the asphalt surface of a good quality. While skating you will be fascinated by beauties of nature along the Moravice river. The Hradec part of the track is lined by leafy trees protecting the skaters from the sun during summer heat waves. In Branka you can get something to drink in the local supermarket. A few scores of meters near the Maják grounds are not suitable for skating (without the asphalt surface). It is a place where you can relax, with a slide and other attractions for children. The track ends near Opava-Kylešovice sluice. From there you can either go back or carry on walking along the river to the bus stop of Opava city transport.

Inline-skating equipment rental shop is situated near the track.
Inline-skating courses for the public and children are organized; for children also summer inline-skating courses.
Information about these activities can be obtained on www.inlinesports.cz

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