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Bohučovice – history

    The centre of Bohučovice lies 384 m above the sea level. It is the only village of this name in the Czech Republic. The name was derived from the personal name Bohuš (probably the founder of the village) by the suffix –ovice. The name is mentioned in the Opava Principality Lands Tables. In the Middle Ages there used to be a mill near two ponds; now there is a stone wall and a swamp in this place. 

    The first school was built in 1860; fifteen years later it was replaced by a new building with Czech teaching language. Electricity was installed in 1932, the war memorial was unveiled in 1933.

    Bohučovice was liberated on 25th 1945; 6 local people and 16 soldiers of the Red Army were killed. A cooperative farm was founded in 1957. A poultry farm, pig farm and cow house were built. Since 1982 new houses have been built and the image of the village is getting better. 

    Whereas in 1991 the village had a population of 297, in May 2009 it increased to 328. Cultural life in the village is organized by the firefighters and the kindergarten staff.

St. Mary Magdalene Chapel

    The chapel, situated in the place of an original small chapel, was built in 1914. To the left of its entrance is a cross from 1877, to the right a war memorial and a granite tombstone with the names of Antonín Binar and Vilém Groda, who were executed during the Nazi occupation.


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