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Filipovice – history

    Filipovice lies 476 m above the sea level. There used to be a farm belonging to the nearby castle of Vikštejn in its place. In 1706 it was purchased by František Josef Filip, the count of Hodice, and founded a settlement named after him. The village was originally German, called Phillipsdorf.

    The number of population was gradually going down: from 244 in 1850 to 25 in 1970. Filipovice was at first a part of Melč (until 1850) and then independent; since 1960 it has become a part of Domoradovice. In May 2009 the population of Filipovice was 74; some houses have been used as second holiday homes.

St. Mary´s Assumption Chapel

    After long preparations it was built in the early 20th century, repaired in 1980.

Maria Talhof Pilgrimage Site

    It is situated to the west of Filipovice. A small chapel may have been built there in the18th century to thank for a miraculous recovery of a small girl. At the end of the 19th century a wooden chapel consecrated to St. Mary was built. It was in ruins after WWII, but in 1996 it was renewed. 


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