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The town

The town of Hradec-upon-Moravice

The town gradually developed from a market village into its contemporary shape. It was awarded the town rights and coat of arms in 1481.The town is located in a hilly terrain 30 km west of Ostrava and 8 km south of Opava 264 m above the sea level. The river Moravice, the valley of which is one of the most impressive valleys in the Czech Republic, flows through the town. The natural park along the river is one of the best preserved and most valuable in Opava region.

Beauties of nature make the town and its surroundings attractive in every season. It offers good conditions for hiking, cycling and fishing. Tourists and cyclists can use a network of marked paths and cycling routes. 

Another place of interest for tourists can be Šance lookout tower built in Jahubčovice in 2005. It is 522 m above the sea level, 15.5 m high with 60 steps. It offers impressive views of the surroundings with its forested slopes, of the highest peaks of the Jeseníky and Beskydy mountains. The view of Opava is also picturesque; you can even see beyond the Polish border.

The town is formed by eight parts: Hradec-Podolí, Benkovice, Bohučovice, Domoradovice, Filipovice, Lakubčovice, Kajlovec and Žimrovice. Its 5,367 inhabitants live in the area of 44 square km.
For travelling to Hradec you can use both public transport (bus and train connection) and cars. There is a petrol station and a few garages in the town; cyclists can use Koska bicycle repair shop. A shopping centre and a health centre are also available.

Visitors to the city can visit its Town Gallery and Museum, a library and Information Centre. As for accommodation, tourists can stay in a hotel, in a hostel or at a tourist camp. There are also a lot of restaurants or fast-food restaurants. Sports people can enjoy swimming, playing tennis, volleyball or football. You can also try horse riding or canoeing.

Among the social and cultural activities held in town are Opening the tourist season, a fair, concerts and exhibitions or theatre performances. The most important event is, traditionally, the international music competition Beethoven´s Hradec which has been held since 1962. Now it is a competition for young musicians who compete in different subjects one every year: either playing the piano, the violin, viola, cello, the string quartet and piano trio. Students from about ten European countries and from abroad (the USA, Japan, Korea) have taken part in the competition so far. 

To sum up, Hradec-upon-Moravice is an important tourist centre and, thanks to its sights and cultural activities, has become a significant tourist destination of both Czech and foreign tourists. It offers an enjoyable stay for those who enjoy beauties of nature, cultural life or sports. 


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