Hradec  Castle


        The complex, which has been listed as the National Cultural Monument since 2002, consists of three parts: a Classicist residence called the White Castle, Neo-Gothic  farm premises called the Red Castle, now reconstructed into a restaurant, dance hall and hotel, and an English landscape park (140 acres) of an exceptional value due to its composition and standard of dendrology.  

        The present-day castle houses rich collections. Conducted tours lead both through luxuriously furnished rooms and drawing rooms and through suites of comfortable guest rooms.  The library with more than 15,000 volumes and the castle chapel are also parts of the tours. The gallery houses treasures of the original castle picture gallery and independent historical expositions are also to be seen.

        Hradec Castle is the only ancient monument in Opava region the movable chattels of which have been preserved. In addition, its premises (320 acres) are the largest in Moravia-Silesia Region. It is among the most popular tourist destinations and is also known as a significant cultural and social centre of the region.  In 2008 it was proclaimed “The Fairy Tale Castle” in the questionnaire in which the citizens of the Czech Republic voted. The visitors have a lot of opportunities to refresh themselves in the vicinity of the castle. Information brochures, souvenirs and small gifts are available.
Castle administration – tel.: 553 783 915
Ticket reservation – tel.: 553 783 444


Raduň  Castle

         The conducted tour offers seeing both lounges and private rooms furnished in an attractive way. The visitors can thus imagine the life of an aristocratic family living in a mansion from the early 19th till the mid- 20th centuries.

        An English landscape park (69 acres) with ponds and the regulated stream of Raduňka is adjacent to the castle.

        In 2004 a unique Empire orangery and renewed ornamental gardens were opened to the public.

        The castle is a popular tourist destination offering relaxation, recreation and sports activities not far from Opava. It is also a venue for organizing cultural and social events.  Information brochures, occasional prints, small souvenirs and gifts are available to the visitors.
Castle administration – tel. 553 796 119
Ticket reservation – tel.: 553 796 203