Bezruč ´s Lookout

            Bezruč´ s lookout is situated in the park of Hradec Castle, about 2 km to the south of the White Tower. Follow the blue tourist sign. The lookout is made of wood, located on four stone pillars 435 m high above sea level. Its height is 9 m and it has 16 steps. From its top there is a wonderful view of the castle premises, the Moravice river, Stránka hill, Hanuše hill, parts of Podolí and Branka villages and a rock above Branka, and a wide plain stretching beyond Opava as far as to Poland. It is the place where two branches of Bezruč´s path meet, one leading from the west across Hanuše hill and the village of Žimrovice, the other from the east through the village of Bohučovice, Záviliší valley and Kalvárie hill. In the era of the Lichnowsky lineage the lookout was called Wilhelmshöhe to commemorate the transformation of the Prussian kingdom into the Prussian Empire. The information about it was inscribed on the memorial stone in the middle of the meadow opposite the stairs. The emperor Wilhelm II with his retinue visited the lookout during his short stay at the castle in September 1913. On the edge of the wood, about 20 m to the southwest of the stone pillar, a half-a-metre tall flat stone with the inscription Fanny Baude can be discovered. Local old people still use this name for the lookout.