St. Peter and Paul´s Church

It dates from the 16th century, having been built by Kašpar Pruskovský, the owner of the estate. The first mass was served on 29th June 1594, the religious holiday of its patrons, by the priest Tomáš Kuncer. It was consecrated by the bishop of Olomouc Stanislav Pavlovský.

Church bells are the oldest in Opava region. The bell “Peter” weighs 952 kg, its height is 84 cm and at the bottom it is 107 cm wide. The bell “Paul”: 560 kg, 72 cm, 92 cm. The church organ was manufactured and put into operation in 1769 by organ builder Schwarz from Libavá.

The Cross at St. Peter and Paul´s Church

Built in 1897, it is situated to the right of the entrance to the church. On the cross is an inscription: St. Mission, save your soul. To the left is a statue of St. Mary. It is not known when it was created.