Městská knihovna a informační centrum Hradec nad Moravicí

Recommended trips

Rugged terrain, deep forests, a beautiful scenery of the Moravice river valley, a dense network of marked tourist footpaths offer good conditions for walking. There are also several nature trails in Hradec and its neighbourhood. 


Wandering about the castle park

If you want to enjoy marvellous scenery for half-an-hour or half-a-day, go to the castle park.

You will be impressed by lovely views of  Mariánské louky, the villages of  Branka, Benkovice, Kajlovec, the Moravice river, the castle and Hradec itself. Its atmosphere is unique early in the morning and late in the afternoon, in bursting spring, hot summer and freezing winter. You can feel the history of centuries and in the shadow of forked trees you may seem to hear the gallop of horses of princes, the music of Beethoven or Liszt, who used to walk here a long time ago.



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