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    The first mention about the village dates from 1322. Its location on “Amber path” increased its strategic significance. Gradual building of the fortress and the castle can be taken as the evidence of it. Raduň lies in the mouth of Raduň valley on the banks of Raduňka stream. It is not difficult to get there from Opava and so the village is a starting point for longer or shorter tourist trips. To the south of the village touristst can enjoy strolling in the park which offers a lot of ingeniously designed walking paths, romantic secluded spots and composed vistas. Visitors can also admire marvelous views of the countryside and – if the visibility is good – also of the Jeseníky mountains and their highest peak Praděd from places situated higher. A system of ponds can be seen to the north of the village. An old oak, about four hundred years of age, with circumference of six metres, probably the oldest tree in Opava region, is growing behind one of the ponds.

Raduň castle
    It is the most important cultural monument in the village. Its premises form a complex unique within the region. It can offer an idea of the structure and relations in the specific microworld of a mansion and services and staff in its background. The castle is also used as a venue for social and cultural activities both for the public and for private companies, especially for exhibitions, concerts and theatre workshops. 

Castle park
    It originated in the close neighbourhood of the castle and in the course of time it was completed by rare trees or bushes and small structures. The area of former orchards was also transformed into the park a part of which were also gardens arranged according to the style which was popular at that time. The gardens were situated between a newly built orangery and a fig and pine apple greenhouse. The orangery was built in Empire style in 1824. Among other buildings of importance are: a shed for sheep, a block of flats for castle clerks, a granary. 

Holy Trinity Parish Church
    A valuable piece of architecture from the end of the 16th century. Now under reconstruction.

House no. 50
    A valuable Baroque building from the 2nd half of the 18th century. Badly damaged.


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