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     The village of Březová is located in the southern part of the former Opava district 525 m above the sea level and consists of 5 parts: Březová, Leskovec, Lesní Albrechtice, Gručovice and Jančí. The first mention about the village dates from 1238. In was probably founded by Benedictines. During the following centuries the village gained more importance, also due to the fact that it was situated on an important trade route. However, its promising development was stopped by the Thirty Years´ War in the first half of the 17th century.

     The inhabitants of Březová made their living by farming at first, in the 20th century they found jobs in factories and services.

     The dominant feature of the village is a Baroque Roman Catholic Church which was built in the place of the original wooden church in 1695 and expanded from 1862 till 1863. The statue of St. Jan of Nepomuk from the 19th century is situated next to it.


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