Brewery cellars

Remnants of Prince Lichnowsky´s brewery, where beer was made until 1882. For the next forty years the former brewery served as a restaurant with the largest hall in town, an open-air restaurant and a skittle alley. It became the centre of Hradec social life and a popular place for outings. In 1921 the building was pulled down due to its considerable dilapidation and only the old brewery cellars have remained. They are divided into three parts: the northern cellar is nine metres deep, 5 m wide and 2.3 m high, the middle cellar is 26 m long, 6 m wide and 4 m high; the third part has been bricked in. Some periods in the cellars´ history are worth mentioning: during the Thirty Years´ War false coins were minted there by the Danish troops. These false coins reach three times higher prices on coin exchanges than real Hradec “pence.” This might be the reason why some experts on medieval military events want to see this place during their visits to Hradec. You can visit the cellars on the occasion of Opening the Spring and the Tourist Season; Mr Stanislav Hendrych plays the Tibetan bowls in the place on this occasion.