Nature trail Mariánské louky (1.8 km)

hotel Belaria - vodní náhon (200 m) - Žimrovický splav (600 m) - řeka Moravice (1 km) - vodní elektrárna (1,4 km) - hotel Belaria (1,8 km)

Mariánské louky with regard to geology are a part of mountains folded in Palaeozoic age. All the surroundings of Hradec are formed by so called „hradec“ layers. The Moravice river hollows out bigger and bigger holes in the banks when it turnsand the material from the holes settles on the other side of the river forming meanders. The path starts near the Belaria hotel. The mill-race is 857 m long, divided into two branches (photo). The first leads to Hradec sawmill (676 m) and the other to a power station (270 m). Žimrovice sluice (photo above), was build in the 16th century. Now it is a popular place for bathing and swimming. The Moravice river rises in the Hrubý Jeseník. It is 106 km long and flows into the Opava river. Two dams have been built on the river – Slezská Harta (finished in 1997) and Kružberk (finished in 1955). A hydroelectric power station producing direct current was built by Prince Lichnovský in 1921. It served until the end of WW II, when it was damaged. At present there is a small water power station supplying the consumers of electricity.