Městská knihovna a informační centrum Hradec nad Moravicí

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Rugged terrain, deep forests, a beautiful scenery of the Moravice river valley, a dense network of marked tourist footpaths offer good conditions for walking. There are also several nature trails in Hradec and its neighbourhood. 


Hanuše nature trail

(4.5 km)

Hradec nad Moravicí, 50 m in direction to Žimrovice from the Belaria hotel – Mechtilde´s height - road to Benkovice - Horní Dvůr – Swedish fortifications - Bezruč path - Žimrovice rock. If Hradec wasn´t called Hradec-upon-Moravice, it could be called Hradec under Hanuše (photo below). Walking on Hanuše, which is a part of Vitkov hills in the Nízký Jeseník mountains, can bring you pleasure in all sorts of weather and all seasons. You can spot birds of prey such as buzzards, owls, kestrels. Mechtilde´s height was a favourite place of Princess Mechtilde Lichnovský (1879-1958), wife of Karel Max Prince Lichnovský. Benkovice road was build in 1923 to replace Margaret´s way. In the era of casttle markets its steepness was used to judge the fitness of horses. Stone remains of Horní Dvůr from the 18th century can be seen even now. Its reputation as for breeding sheep was so great that even the Russian Tzar Alexander I is said to have been interested in it during his visid to Opava in 1820. In 1853 77,078 sheep were bred in Opava region, the bulk of them on Hanuše. Overrown remains of fortifications „Swedish ramparts“ commemorate the time of Silesian wars. Bezruč path leads across the places where in 1910 – 1938 Petr Bezruč, a poet, used to walk. The legend has it that knights who will save the country when the times get bad sleep peacefully inside Žimrovice rock.


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