The village of Chvalíkovice lies in the place where the foothills of the Lower Jeseníky mountains change into the lowlands of the Moravice river valley. In the past it was a part of Opava Principality and Silesia. It is 290 – 350 m above sea level. The village has a population of approximately 680 people. 

     A cycle path from Raduň to Branka and yellow tourist path round Hradec go through the village. Among the most often visited places of interest are a ninepin alley in the Sokol gymnasium and the newly opened U Golema restaurant and café. The route of a difficult mountain bike race has gone through the village since 2001. The race is called Silesia Bike Marathon. 

St. Archangel Michael´s Chapel
    It is the only cultural monument in the village. It commemorates the victims of WWI and WWII.