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     Radkov is located in the vicinity of the Moravice Nature Park above the Moravice river valley. In fact it lies on the borderline dividing Silesia and northern and central Moravia. The first mention about the village dates from 1377. 

     A dominant of the village is St. Mary Birth Church from the 13th century situated in the centre of the village. The tombs of the Razumowski family, who used to be the owners of Dubová castle, can be seen in its churchyard. A beautiful alley of lime trees which is more than 150 years old had been planted near the road connecting Radkov and Dubová. Another place of interest is the ruin of Vikštejn Castle in Dubová. Its history is very rich and many legends have been woven round the place. Vikštejn Castle was founded in the middle of the 13th century and after its reconstruction in the first half of the 16th century it was considered the strongest castle in Opava region. During the Thirty Years´ War it was destroyed so that it might not be conquered by the Swedes. Despite its being repaired, since the second half of the 18th century it became dilapidated and slowly changed into a ruin. 

Dubová Castle
    It was built in 1740 by J.J. Frobl, a master-builder. It is surrounded by a beautiful park the beauty and magic of which has been preserved until these days. The castle had plenty of owners, the most important of which was the Razumowski family, who left the country after WWII and their property was confiscated. The castle was used as a school building and later as a children´s home. 

St. Mary Birth Church in Radkov
    It is situated on a hill above the village with a churchyard nearby. It was built in Renaissance style in 1589, in the place of the original wooden church which was destroyed by fire. It was reconstructed a few times. The reconstruction of its interior, which started in 2006, revealed some surprising discoveries – among them the find of murals in the older part of the church and also broken pieces of earthenware, parts of skeletons and a unique Renaissance floor made of bricks.


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